Liteon SOHW-832 (ex-812) not recognized by WinOnCD 5


As the title says, my 832 isn’t recognized by WinOnCD. I installed WINASPI and unidrv-1-21-1.exe but nothing changed…
I’ve tried to find out the good dll but the one put by default doesn’t fit to my recorder. So almost all CD I did are not working.

Can you help me please?

has it ever been recognised? may need to upgrade the software…the updated software includes support for more dvdr drives…
or bin it and get nero
on a side note i would uninstall aspi or install aspi 4.6 or earlier…search threads for reason

Have you also applied the 5.05b service pack?

The 832 is in the latest UNIDRV, according to the supported drives list.