Liteon SOHW-812S

I was reading that u could update the liteon SOHW-812S (US0N) to be able to burn dual layer. Is this is actually possible and whereabouts do i download the firmware for this? If this is possible, why wouldn’t u just buy this model instead of the 832s and upgrade it?

vdk_au: i have nfi why people wouldnt just go out and buy a 812S and mod it to a 832S and save over $100. Thats what i did and it works like a charm :smiley:
Seems very silly to me…



Did you burn DL yet I understand that some people think that mod 812@832 maybe missing DL 2.4x speed cal data from eeprom as 812s never had it. more testing is needed to be sure if there is data missing.

As I understand what was told me, the data is not missing. But different. It could very well be that the lasers on 832S drives are physically adjusted differently and thus require different calibration data (and thus there shouldn’t be any adjustments to the laser). Or it could be that the differences are not significant. I was only told that there were differences, but was given no numbers, correlations, etc., to gauge the significance of such a difference. NEC claims something similar for its 2500A drives. For the time being, this is just speculation, and as you said, until more testing could be done, we can’t confirm this.

My personal take on this, however, is that I’m skeptical about these differences, based on the (very few) 812S@832S burns that I’ve seen and how they compare to real 832S burns (about the same in quality, with the firmware revision playing a much bigger role than anything else) and also based on what I was told in the past about such data.

But, well, we’ll see when the time comes. :wink:

what type of media should be used to burn dual layer and where can i get it?

DL media is required. It’s very expensive ($10-$15 each) and at the moment, extremely difficult to find. I would hold off until more companies begin to mass-produce this media and drive its price down.

You cannot by common means. Patience plus long waiting is required about DL. Optimistic me expect to get them by the hundreds by the end of this summer. More realistic prediction is by fall. To be on the negative side: never.

damn that sucks o well i didnt have the patience for 2.4x anyways.