LiteOn SOHW-812s UTS2 won't read cds with XPSP2

Hello all! I have a problem that’s driving me crazy. I have been running windows XP home edition sp1 along with nero v7.5 with no problems for a while. I also have PowerISO and MagicISO which have also been doing great…that is, until I installed XP SP2. Now, my 812s will not recognize that there’s a cd of any kind (store bought music cd, cd-r and cd-rw blank or not) in the drive. It reads and plays dvds as good as it always has. Reinstalled XP back to SP1 and everything was fine. I tried different versions of burning software as well as any kind of software that involved a disk being read or written and everything worked perfectly. Reloaded SP2 and boom, no more reading cds. I’m still new to the computer world and although I taught myself how to delete partitions and reformat drives and even dual boot XP and Vista, this problem is beyond something I think I can figure out. Any help would be great. Thanks in advance and thanks for such a wonderful site!!

Correction…the drive stopped reading cds BEFORE SP2 was ever downloaded and installed for the very first time. It was after I reinstalled XP SP1 this past time that everything started working just it always has. So I’m thinking maybe I stumbled onto something that fixxed it and didn’t know it and procceded to reinstall SP2. After it finished, I immediently put a cd in the drive to check it out and, as my luck would have it, nothing. ANY suggestions would be valued. Thanks.

It may be an issue with low level drivers in Windows. Check this page for a fix involving the Registry:

Hope this helps! :slight_smile: