LiteOn SOHW-812S (Sony DW-U18A) Problems

I’ve been having troubles with my sony dw-u18a. I updated the firmware a month ago for the dw-u18a to US0N after i found out that was a rebadged liteon 812S. I didn’t burn any dvds for a few week.

However, today, after one successful burn, every dvd-r i burnt after that (3 dvd-r) have been getting very bad kprobe results and crc errors when i try to copy the files back to the hdd. I thought this was due to the firmware so i updated it once again with codeguy’s 812s@832s firmware but i was still getting horrible kprobe results and crc errors. Can someone please help me. I don’t think i can return the sony dw-u18a cause it was a gift from a few months ago. Below are the kprobe results for US0N and VS04.

your kprobe is setup wrong

set kprobe like this

speed 4x

8/1 ecc

okay kprobe result at 4x

I have the 18 drive and run it as 700 with codeguys firmware. even using the crappiest media I cant get any bad readings on scans. Its Possible that you have something running on your computer ‘’ trying to call home ‘’. Check all running processes when you burn.(antivirus and packet writing software as well as virus/trojan etc seem to cause problems.)

I also met this problem when I OC my 812S to 832S, this is not relevent to burning process. and the problem occurs mostly when dvd-r is scanned.
I changed a new 812S drive and everything seems ok! but when I oc to 832S and even back to 812S, this problem occurs again! what’s the problem? maybe
the kprobe,the oc process,and others?
scaning made before oc and after oc…

well, i flashed my firmware back to US0N and found a blank tdk dvd-rw to burn with. I’ve scanned my comp for viruses, trojans, and spyware and found none. I’ve disabled my antivirus when burning. Ran killaspi, and installed aspi 4.60.

Below are screenshots of the processes running when i’m burning using nero, and 2 kprobe results where i burnt the same data once, ran kprobe, erased the disc, burnt it again, and then ran kprode again. The errors seem to be less but the media is different so i dunno what’s wrong :confused:

Is DMA enabled for the drive?

yep on all drives

Only got mu 812S last week and am using VS04 firmware. I have successfully burned the following.
TDKGO2000000 - 2 disks at 2 speed. These are known to be a shocker of a disk. I have had them for over 18 months and this is the first writer to successfully burn these disks. My Pioneer A05 always gives me a Power Calibration error. Works in my home Sony player but not in my Panasonic player.
OptodiscR004 - 8 disks at 4 speed. Seem to be read by all players.
Sony04D1 - 5 disks at 4 speed. Seem to work in all players.
Princo - 6 disks at 4 speed. Work in the Sony but not the Panasonic.
RitekG04 - 1 disk at 4 speed. came with the burner.

Yuden000T02 - 1 disk at 8 speed. Read by the Sony. Not yet tested in the Panasonic but assume it will work as it was bit changed to DVD-ROM

Have had no failures to date but have not checked any disk with K-Probe or Nero

With regard to those TDK disks in my previous post, I have been unable to K-Probe them as the program went into Disneyland. Nero showed the disk was pretty faulty.

Was unable to copy the contents back to harddrive due to CRC errors.

Looks like the 812S will write to them and Nero will say they have burned successfully, but in real fact they are coasters.