Liteon SOHW-812S Questions



I just bought this writer on friday and have been pondering over the last few days whether what speeds to write the dvd’s at although the media available here is worthless i just need some recommendations and is flashing the bios to a 832S one safe since i read the thread i know its a risk and voids the manufacturers warranty i just wanna if people using it out there are happy with the flashing etc.Feedback will be welcome.


The Liteon SOHW-812S dosen’t like dvd-r or dvd-rw media. Quality tests show this. Stick with dvd+r and or dvd+rw major brand media like Verbatum or Ritek. I really see no benefit of cross flashing to 832 unless you are planning to burn dual layer disks which I haven’t seen on the market yet. And if so, it will be too expensive right now to be practicle. Stick to the latest 812 firmware US0Q and to the Liteon Tools section and learn about omni-patcher to tweak the firmware before you apply it to your burner.


The 812S performs just fine with Verbatim 8x DVD-R in my experience.


[I]It seems that the Liteon 812S doesnt like DVD-R for sure as its giving reading issues and writing problems also.I’ll stick to what Dave has recommended not a bad choice at all .


Oh really?

Perhaps you should say it doesn’t like CERTAIN -R media. Certain -R, particularly TDK’s TTG02 is fantastic and better than a lot of +R media, while certain +R media (including Ritek’s new +R, at least the batch I have) is just plain crap.

I would also recommend crossflashing with 832S firmware just so you could use C0deKing’s quality patched firmware.


I just found out my 812S loves Prodisc S03. I get PI scans in the teens with total PIF around 300. Too bad I didn’t buy more before they disappeared.


Strangly enough -

I have been using Memorex 4x DVD-R disks for some time
and have had very good results w/ my 812S when played on my 50" Hitachi big screen. 5.1 audio has been pristine & there been no artifacts. I just bought a stack of Ritek DVD-R silver matte which appears to be of the same quality
as I have yet to end up without even a single coaster.

Another advantage of the -R media I have seen is that it plays in every set top box I have tried it in, including a 5 yr old Sony & a 6 mth old Panasonic progressive scan.

I have not modified my unit in any way except for factory firmware.

Go figure