LiteOn SOHW-812S Firmware: US0N

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Get it here:

cool, supports FUJIFILM03 @ 8x :smiley:

thanks for the heads up

Great stuff :bigsmile:

Out of curiosity, is there a detailed revision history for the firmware for this drive :confused:

Ok so here’s my first burn @ 8x with the FUJIFILM03s.

not bad at all for a disk you can buy for 36p! (


speedhacker reads the .bin file fine, they must have done something to the .exe

C0deKing & Code65536 Need This New Firmware So They Can Give Us


If you are going to extract the bin from US0N.EXE make sure you use XFlash-X 2.1.0!!!

Hi wall :slight_smile:

I updated via the Liteon site, so I am assuming I am alright ?

MayB He Wanted 2 Use Speedhacking Tool Or Even Set This Firmware 2 Have Auto-Bitsetting

hehe… ok m8.

I assume (and forgive me if this is a stupid ‘noob’ question) the new firmware incorporates all the old fixes in previous firmware. eg, offical bitsetting support. :confused: Kinda like a service pack for an operting system if you get me.

Im loving USON best burn out of all my drives for this media! :wink:

burned at 4x 812 USON

That is certainly one beautiful burn… :slight_smile:


Okay… now that the fuss over the firmware package is over (if you’re wondering what happened to those posts, they got split off into another thread)… let’s get down to business, shall we?

First, for those of you who want to speedhack or autobitset your US0N firmware, these tools no longer work on the official .exe flasher found on the LiteOn website. You will have to use this on a .BIN or on a specially modified .EXE flasher (which is available for download from our website)

The US0N firmware seems to support more media codes. Interesting additions include the new FUJIFILM03 (the code used by the new popular Datawrite Grey discs–previously unsupported in US0J… people who have these discs should upgrade!.. thanks, Hans, for your first test).

Anyway, only a few people have reported back with results so far, so please, post your results! We’re all curious to see just how much of an improvement this new firmware is!

Finally, a “burn-adjusted” US0N version has been posted with faster burning times and upshifting fixes for some media types. So try it out, and let us know how it all goes! :slight_smile:

OK, I have an 812s @ 832s using the patched VS01

Can I simply flash with US0N burn adjust (rev2) back over it?

Or will it refuse as the flasher might think I now have an 832s?

Use FlashFix on the burn-adjusted US0N .exe (the .exe packages on our site are unlike the official .exe package… the ones on our site are actually made from packaging the US0N firmware in a modified US0J flasher, so you can still use all the tools like use FlashFix if you get the packages from our site).

@code65536, do you have flashfix on your site? I tried it and it gave me some kind of error…(not at home right now so can’t elaborate)

FlashFix is not on my site, but Digi’s site.

FlashFix will NOT work on the US0N flasher found on the official LiteOn website. The only US0N flashers that FlashFix will work on are the ones posted on our website…


I wonder now that there is new 812 f/w if we might see lite-on release new 832 f/w once the 832 is in all the shops.

Given the current bugs/issues that need resolving in VS01 and LiteOn’s history of releasing endless streams of firmwares, I’m pretty sure that in due time, a new VS0? version will be released.

In the meantime, I highly recommend that 812S owners try out US0N (and not VS01) (besides, there’s no DL media out anyway). My preliminary tests are showing that US0N is indeed working better than US0J or VS01 when it comes to burning SL media!