LiteOn SOHW-812S Bad Writes with RitekG05

I’m new to posting, although I’ve read quite a lot of articles from here… always a great place to get info from!

I’ve recently purchased two SOHW-812S drives (one on my main comp, the other in a firewire cage), as well as 300$ worth of Ritek 8X DVD-R

unfortunately, it seems that This is the worst combo I could get from what I read here heh.

I’ve just done two scans. both scans are from an iso of a dvd-movie burned using nero, then scanned at 4X PI8 PO8 using KProbe2.

To me , it doesn’t seem like an acceptable burn… I’m using VS0N on both of them, with the omni patch with the suggested changes.

I tried VSOQ, same deal.

anyone got any tip on what I should do?

Is there something I can do to fix these?

I can’t ship back the dvd-r, but I might be able to exchange the drives… would that be my best move? If So, which Drive do you suggest? Pioneer?

Oh… and the difference between the Firewire / Disk 1 drive… is this a common thing when putting a dvd burner in a firewire cage? does anyone get good scans from a firewire interface burn?

I know it’s a lot of question, and I appreciate all the answers! :bow:

Use a different write strategy. See the stickied write strat switching thread at the top. It seems that the G06 and MXL strats work best for the G05.


I will try that right away :wink:

any experience with using firewire modules for the dvd writers? is it normal to see a big difference like that, or it’s probably missconfiguration?

WOW… HUGE Change with the new Write Strategy!

Thank God to Omni Patcher! :bow:

I just noticed that the ECC Blocks Sum for PI/PIF is set to 8/8 in your scans. I’m sure someone else can tell you if it has a huge impact on your results or not, I don’t know :wink: . The default is 8/1 and that’s what is mostly used, I think.

What strat do you used?

Nah, it shouldn’t matter. While it makes the 4-max limit kinda hard to use, you can still compare 8-summed PIFs with 1-summed PIFs by looking at the total.


According to the image filenames, he used G06.

my bad about the 8-8, I tried reading some of the tutorials for which settings to used, and that’s what I came up … dunno where I took that, since I just re-read the main tutorial and it said to leave it there lol

but for comparison sake, they were all done 8-8 .

I used RitekG06