Liteon SOHW-812@832

Hi All,

i’ve a 812 w/ the firmware “Q” (last one I think). I would like to update it to 832. I saw several posts but all related links are broken or the page changed. So those info were unusable.
Can you help me?


Hi DHC014,
I read this:

1*Download an unscrambled stock firmware from either dhc014’s firmware page or our firmware page. =>
Which one do you think?
LiteOn SOHW-832S
• VS01/VS03/VS05 - stock - unscrambled (older versions - dhc014)
• VS04/VS08/VS0A - stock - unscrambled (older versions)
• VS0B - stock - unscrambled
• VS04/VS08/VS0A - patched for 451S, 851S (older versions)
• VS0B - patched for 451S, 851S
• CG2B - patched - improved +R burn quality for 451S, 851S, 812S, 832S (older versions)
• CG3B - patched - improved +R burn quality for 451S, 851S, 812S, 832S

LiteOn SOHW-812S
• US05/US0A/US0F/US0G - patched - enabled bitsetting support (older versions)
• US0J - stock - unscrambled (dhc014)
• US0N - stock - unscrambled
• US0Q - stock - unscrambled

2*Download the OmniPatcher and read the documentation carefully.
OK, this soft allows me to check or uncheck a lot of options… I’m afraid to check.uncheck a wrong one :frowning:

3Load the stock firmware with the OmniPatcher and apply the crossflashing patch (and while you’re at it, any other patches that you want). When you are done, save it.
I suppose that the crossflashing patch is the result of the unscrambled patch loaded and modified through Omnipatcher. But wich modifications have I to do? Wich option to choose?
Flash your drive with the patched firmware that you have just created using the OmniPatcher. Please refer to the OmniPatcher documentation for more details about this step.

I never did it by the past. So I need to understand the process before apply it.
Thank you for your help.

choice of firmwares is yours…each has their own story of which works best.

  1. i tend to go for latest so i would get cg3b. this also doesnt need to be put through omnipatcher as it is allready patched.(ya may want to run through omnipatcher if you want to alter write strats etc)
  2. this will illiminate the scared to check or uncheck
  3. the fix crossflashing is enabled as defualt if i remember right
    also remember you wont see the real benifits till around 3 or 4 burns.

Thank you for your reply.

I’ve tried the CG3B. A message tells me that the drive (previously patched w/ US0Q) has a newer version in it. So, if I apply directly the CG3B.EXE, will I earn writing speed and more CD/DVD compatibility?


US0Q is older than CG3B. Probably you get that message because the check is done in alphabetical order. so it “thinks” that US0Q is newer. US0Q has no DL writing and less media code.
go with CG3B.

I’ve applied the f/w CG3B. The CDRWr is recognized as a 832s. It looks like very good :slight_smile:
Thanj you for your advises.

one question: In the future, which type of f/w will I be allowed to apply?

  1. The officials 832s?
  2. unscrambled or modified 832s?
  3. other? (specify plz).

See this: [post]694895[/post]

What is said there about 1213S@1633S applies to 812S@832S as well. For the 812S@832S, however, CG__ firmwares already have this check removed, so those can be loaded without any special steps. But any other non-812S firmware that gets loaded must have this check disabled with OP.

Thank you for all your advises !!

Question: If we firmware upgrade the SOHW 812S and it screws up is the drive gone or can it be fixed?

Want to upgrade to 832S but don’t need my drive to go kaput. Can’t afford another one.



Read up on all of the related threads and you will see exactly how to perform the firmware upgrade safely and have the ability to revert to the “stock” firmware if you desire.

I have flashed my 812s with every 832s firmware that has been available since I 1st purchased my 812s over three months ago with ZERO issues by the way.

It’s nothing like turning a 411s into an 811s, it’s super simple. :slight_smile: