LiteOn SOHW 1693SX will read dvds but not burn



I have the SOHW 1693SX External DVD-RW Drive. Yesterday I burned two dvd’s using nero 7. I then converted some more avi’s into dvd using win avi video converter like I did with the first too. Then I tried to burn it and nero froze so I had to control alt delete to shut it down and then I tried again with the same response. I then when to My Computer and saw that my dvd burner said “CD Drive” instead of DVD-RW Drive.

I used the same disks for the other two burns which are Sony DVD+R. When I put a Blank DVD disk in the drive now it says “CD Drive” and if I try to open the disk it will say:

E:\ is not accessible
Incorrect Function

When I take the DVD out it will go back to DVD-RW Drive. When I put in one of the movies I burned earlier it will play it fine which a normal cd drive wouldn’t beable to do.

This is what I have tried:

Unpluging the Burner from the computer and the electrical outlet
Disabling and Re-enabling it
Updating the firmware
Trying afew other disks in the spendel
Restarting my computer a few times
Removing Nero 7

It still isn’t working right.

Anyone have anything I can try to get it working?

Thank You

Dark Shogun