LiteOn SOHW-1693S will not read cd's and blank dvd's



I can not get my dvd drive, which has worked perfectly for a long while now, to read/write to CDs of any kind or blank DVDs. The drive starts to whirr as dvd/cd drives do, then it makes a beep (coming from the drive, not the motherboard speaker) and a clicking sound… and nothing happens. The green light flashes as it should, but all I get in ‘My Computer’ is an as if the drive was empty, although it still lets me double click to open the drive (it does not say “please insert a disk” etc.) and all I get is a blank window. In alcohol 120%, it does not recognize that ther is any media in the drive.
That said, DVD-ROMs work, although I have not had the chance to test DVD-Video.

!!This has only started to occur, to my knowledge, since the version of nero I got with the drive, stopped working. I cannot even uninstall nero becuase it is so badly deaded [in want of a better phrase =D]. I cannot reinstall nero because I don’t have a working CD-Drive…

Nex Addo
P.S. Sorry for the lengthy post…


I experienced those symptoms on an HP lightscribe drive I owned a while back. I returned it since I had it less than a month when it died, and bought the same drive you have which is still going strong. Sorry to hear you’re having problems with yours. At least they’re a LOT cheaper than even a year ago.


this drive is dead.