Liteon SOHW-1693S review requested

Anyone knows a good review of the Liteon SOHW-1693S? Thanks

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1693 reviewed by

Hardwarevise this drive is same as 1673s, so you can read our review here and another one at cdrlabs

BTW, search button at top of page and google are your friends. :wink:

Those reviews were done with an old FW, so I think you should not rely on them, as it as become much better since KS0A

Topic poster is explicitly asking for “reviews”. Tests with newer (and modified) firmwares can be found in this forum though. :smiley:

Thanx all, i had already read one of the posted reviews before i came here, google is indeed everybody´s friend :iagree: , but i was not very convinced because that review didn´t give a very good calification to this burner so i wanted to know if there were better reviews, or if the experts here had something to say, is the burning quality significantly improved with the latest firmware?

CDFreaks was going to review the 1693S, but the provided drive was defective.