LiteOn SOHW 1693s review at!



finally lite is beginning to redeem itself


So, a lot of us have upgraded Sony D26 and 1673 to 1693 FIRMWARE. Is the hardware different?




ooo… that site is great for DVD Burner reveiws…

ive never seen it before… it also has tons of reveiews for burners i am considering getting…

Great site =p


I think the hardware is probably a bit different, the REAL 1693’s can hit a higher rip speed.


kind of dispointed with the write quality!!! It really looks like a 3S issue!!!
Let’s wait for the 5S …


Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:

I wish they wouldn’t use the plextor scans :(. Personally, based on my results, I think their review drive was not as good as it could have been. But maybe this is another indication of the Liteon consistency and quality control…


CDRinfo review uses the last firmware version? maybe the results differ… is it ready the CDFreaks review? :eek:

mmm… excuse me… yes, i look now… it uses KS04 firmware… i’ll wait the review of CDFreaks to compare :slight_smile:


grammer please?


they did not report the media code, just the disc brand.
another mediocre drive from liteon


Sorry, but check out the 1693 thread in the forum. People are reporting some excellent burns there.