LiteOn SOHW-1693s not reading cds

Hi all im brand new as u can see i’ve been having issues reading cd’s. Just to start off here are my specs: xp pro sp2 (32-bit) SOHW-1693s /w KSOB I don’t think u need anything else if u do just ask thx. Basically I can read and write dvds but I cant do jack with cd’s read nor write with any type of cd kind cd-rom,cd-r or cd-rw. Im pretty sure I have the newest firmware (KSOB) but I think it has nothing to do with it. If u need any more information with specs or the dvd rw drive just ask. Any help will be most appreciated.


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If you have problems exclusively with CD media, both burned and pressed discs, then it can be a damaged laser. To exclude some software problem, you can do two simple tests:

  1. Install this drive on a different computer. If it works correctly, then the problem is somewhere in your computer.

  2. Try to boot computer from a CD disc. For this purpose, you can use a linux live distro like Knoppix or Slax (don’t worry: these distro run from the CD disc, and don’t install anything on your computer). If the system is able to boot from a CD disc, then there is some software problem.

Wow good idea I have a live version of ubuntu ill try that, if not ill try installing it on my brothers computer. Thx again