LiteOn SOHW 1693S clicking



Hi all,

Just bought a LiteOn SOHW 1693S and I notice something strange. First of all, the bezel and the tray are loose. So when the tray comes out, it hangs down a bit. Also, when the system boots up, all devices did their routine spin up, but this LiteOn made a clicking sound (once) during this time. Is this a defective drive? Or is this normal?



In my opinion is a defective drive. I have 4 drives (I have also a 1693), and none of them make strange clicks at boot.


Oh one more thing. I hook this drive up with the BenQ1640 like this:

BenQ - Master
LiteOn - Slave

Then configure my BIOS to boot from optical drive. Pop an WinXP installtion disc in BenQ, it detects it and works fine. Pop the same disc in LiteOn drive, nothing happens. So I guess it really is defected. Thanks for the input.


You’re welcome


Definitely defective. The drives never ‘click’. You may hear a whirl if there is a CD in the drive as it seeks, but the only time you hear clicks is when there are unreadable error that cause the drive to freeze (and usually readers do that, not burners, which often have better ability to read difficult disks).

Was this an OEM drive or something?
Unless this was OEM, I find it strange that a retail packaged drive would be in this fashion, unless someone did a 'switcheroo" return


my 812s@832s is dyin on me, it occasionly won’t read my discs…like juz before i was rippin a disc to computer and about 95%, it started to click, and wouldn’t read it…also when i burn +rw, it keeps screwing, gotta get a new one…damn…and i remember my first cd-burner, 2x write only, but i had it for over 5yrs and still gud, and now…damnz


It is the sad fact that we will be seeing more defective drives from now on. Once the competition pushed the price down below $40 there is just not enough money left in the pipeline to do 100% quality control. This really has little to do with OEM or retail. I would be very surprised to find that OEM drives are built to a lower level of quality. OEM drives are sold to their best customers.

No matter what you buy from now on you just need to budget for the slight chance it will cost an additional $6 or so to get a new drive. I have only had one bad drives but I had to get 4 BenQ 1620s before I got a good one. BenQ seems to have more problems but it can happen to any drive.


I never said that OEM drives were of a lesser quality.

What I mean is, when drives are OEM, and not in retail packaging, they tend to be thrown around, stacked funny, hitting other items, dropped and shoved when being put out for stock at computer shows, and so on. Items in retail packages have more protection against shock and bangs. OEMs are wide open (except for the plastic wrapping thingy) and are much easier to bang up.


Sorry I misread.


Liteon is UDMA4, benq is UDMA2, so your liteon should be master!


Mine also has this clicking sound withthe latest firmware. no problems in writing quality.


my lite-on 1935S just started making a clicking noise, it seems usually just near the begining, and sometimes at the end. it basicallly goes click-click-click (just the 3 clicks) very fast, over about a second.

i had burned 4 or 5 discs before this started happening so if its screwed up ill just take it back.


Mine clicks too at startup.


I have DW-D22A @ 1653S CS0P and it clicks at boot too but works perfectely. How can it be defective then?


It’s not defective. Just a quirk.


My 1693s clicks once on every boot and did since day one. I’d say its normal or there are alot of bad ones.


Well, my drive does click on boot up, but I dont think it is defective. Check these results of a burn with DVDShrink and IMGBurn.


If it works after you have installed everything, it ain’t broke. For it to boot from a slave drive, you have to specify the drive in the bios. There are a lot of reasons why drives click; by itself this is no indication of a faulty drive. Mine will sometimes clcik when I boot and clicks when I rip scratched media. Just wait untill it really breaks to worry.


I made a sound clip of my 1693s!

mine goes RRRRRRRRRR!!! after the tray closes without a disc or during cold boot without a disc. With a disc there is no sound. Bought OEM from newegg around August without the RRRRRRRRR. Started doing this early in December. Burns nicely though.

Can’t RMA it b/c i gave away the software and cable. Why can’t they just replace the freaking drive and keep their own software and cables. It’s not like they are attached. :a (41.1 KB)