LiteOn SOHW-1693s burnspeed <4x


I’ve tested Verbatim DVD+RW (4x) in combination with a SOHW-1693s. Nero & WinOnCD only shows one selectable burnspeed (4x).
The PI-Errorrate is very high and now I want to test a lower burnspeed.

How can I reduce the burnspeed of the 1693s lower than 4x?

(please excuse my bad english)

4x is the lowest burnspeed. you can’t burn @lower speeds.

I don’t think you will get much better results on any +RW as I also get very high PIE rates on all burners but my NEC 3500 and 3520. Post a scan and it will be easier to tell if there is a problem.

But it is possible to burn DVD-RW (Verbatim max 2x) ?!?

OK here the scans (with LiteOn SOHW-1693s):

Media is DVD+RW Verbatim MKMA02 (max. 4x)

First scan burned with NEC-2500A at 2x (2x or 4x writespeed selectable)
Second scan burned with LiteOn SOHW-1693s at 4x (only 4x writespeed selectable)

The Quality-Score is the same (?), but the summary PI-rate is much higher at the DVD+RW burned at 4x with the LiteOn.

The third pic shows the bottom side of a DVD+RW burned with the LiteOn. It shows “waves”. The NEC-burns (2x) are OK.
These “waves” did not disappear after using a full format.
I don’t have a drive to rezero the full media.

Both these burns are just fine for RW media and they confirm that NEC does a better job. This is also what I have found. RWs routinely has higher total errors as opposed to write once media; the important part is the PIF error level. Your NEC burns are very good; you might try at 4X. This is where I do all my +RW on my NECs and they are just slightly higher in error level than what you show.

It should also be said that both discs should be perfectly readable in a variety of drives, both are well inside DVD forum spec, and they are both excellent burns for phase-change media. The NEC burn is obviously better, but the Lite-On did a pretty good job IMO at 4x.