LiteOn SOHW-1693S and DVD-R DL



Just a quick test of some DVD-R DL media in the 1693.


Some read back.

BenQ 1620: Not much trouble reading it.

Mad Dog MD-16XDVD9: Doesn’t know WTF

Plextor PX-712A: Reads it but thinks it’s a DVD-ROM


Have you tried a movie backup and does it play in your standalone?


Yeah I would’ve done a movie, because now the -R9 disc does you no good… :confused:


You mean like this?


Wow, that’s much better quality than I’ve come to expect from lite-on lately, especially with - media, and its DL nonetheless. Wow! :eek:
The last few +R9 that I burned I burned in my NEC because I was too afraif I would get a coaster.


Just watched a backup of National Treasure in my Pioneer DV-656A. About 3/4 through the movie it froze. Not sure what the cause of the freeze was as it played fine till then and it was well past the layer break. There is no indication of heavy error at that point of the kprobe scan. The Pioneer standalone is a very good play back device. I don’t think you can chalk this up to incompatibility as it played fine for much of the movie.
At this time I have no other drive that will burn DVD-R DL so I can’t do any further testing.


YSS recommends Sonic RecordNow! 7.31 for -R/DL. Currently, RN731 is the only software that can record movie to -R/DL precisely.
(Japanese language)

With Pioneer player, movie playback is stopped at the end of Layer-0 when the media is burnt by Nero


Thanks pchilson. I’m very impressed with the burn quality :slight_smile:

If there are extras on the disc then the 3/4 point of the movie could still be the layer change :wink:


You know, you could be right! I may retry this disc with RecordNow as Diseree has suggested and see if that solves the freeze.


I reburnt this with DVD Decrypter and again it freezes at the exact same place it did on the earlier burn with nero. I looked for the update to 7.3 for Sonic Record Now but didn’t find it. I only have an OEM version and there is no update on the OEM website either… :a

Kprobe of the DVD Decrypter burn…


@pchilson, thx for the test results :slight_smile:
I’ll try to get you that new Record Now software :wink:


RN731updater is here:
This is Japanese page, but you can find the link for getting updater. It seems that this updater supports English, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.