LiteOn SOHW-1693 Communication failure

Hello everybody

the problem with the drive is, as Nero says: “Communication failure” (see attached logfile).
There are no problem occuring with reading any kind of disk. but neither DVD nor CD can be written. :clap: Bravo!
BUT: With writing a data-disk as part of nero´s drive speed test, there is no error message appearing. and the data are definitively on disk.
can anyone imagine whats going on with that strange machine…?
thanks a lot. Jimi

Win XP-pro, RAM 320, Asus 1,3

@ jimi jones

The same thing happened to me last year. This is the thread I started that time.

If your burner is connected with a 40 wire cable changing it to a 80 wire cable might help. It did the trick in my case, and still does.

:smiley: Leo

@jimi_jones - i’ve had a quick look thru your logfile…

Nero Version: (Nero Express)

  • you might want to consider updating to latest 6.x version,…up to you…

Recorder: <LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW-1693S>Version: KS06

DiskPeripheral : WDC WD200EB-77BHF0 atapi Port 0 ID 0 DMA: On
DiskPeripheral : QUANTUM FIREBALL_TM2110A atapi Port 0 ID 1 DMA: On
CdRomPeripheral : LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW-1693S atapi Port 1 ID 0 DMA: On
CdRomPeripheral : ATAPI_CD-ROM atapi Port 1 ID 1 DMA: Off

Physical memory : 319MB (327152kB)
Free physical memory: 62MB (63916kB)
Memory in use : 80 %

  • you’re gonna have to free up more memory prior to any burning, you’ve only got 62MB left there. close down more programs prior to any burning…