Liteon SOHW-1673S

Does anyone have this drive? Is it any better than the previous 1653S?? I see that the older model got a bad review, and I’m wondering if the new model is worth getting. My priorities are low price, reliable DVD burning and being able to backup copy protected PC games.

I have both drives.The 1673 is better than 1653.

Ditto what German says. Check out, I have less than $65 invested, including shipping. Buy good 16X +R media (I use Verbatim) and burn a whole disc in 6 minutes with good results.

I got one last week, and it is working just fine. So far, I’ve only used Fujifilm DVD-R media (TYG02) and have burned several movies with it. All of them have played perfectly in my DVD player. I did make one coaster on my very first attempt, but I think it was probably user error rather than the drive :stuck_out_tongue:

I checked several of my burns with Nero CD Speed (KProbe crashes my system…). The quality ranking has always been in the mid-90’s, with PI errors no higher than 38 max and PI failures no higher than 2 max.

So far, I’ve used two programs to burn: DVD Decrypter and Nero 6 Express. I also used Alcohol 120% to burn one CD-R with it – it was real fast and a perfect burn.

Thanx for the info

I think so many burning-softwares have some influence while burning.