Liteon sohw-1673S - Weird issues

Hey there…

So having a good track record in the past with Lite-on drives, a few months back I upgraded my 4x Lite-on DVD recorder to a 16x one (1673s). Didn’t have any problems with it.

In the last week though, something weird has happened. When you start up the computer, the light on the front of the drive starts flashing (like it’s trying to read a disc). The drive shows up in the bios and under “my computer”, but the light continues to blink on and off non-stop since powering on. You can stick a disc in the drive, won’t show up. If you double click on the drive under “My Computer”, it’s as though there’s an empty disc inside. It just takes you to an empty window.

I’ve tried upgrading the firmware, nothing seems to help.

Anyone seen this before? Any ideas/suggestions/solutions?

@ askPriz
Welcome:). Check to make sure the power and IDE cables are tight on both ends. You could try going into ‘device manager’ and deleting the IDE channel that the drive resides on and restarting your computer. That will let windows re-recognize your drive and reinstall the drivers. Sometimes that helps things…and sometimes, not. It may be a defective drive.