Liteon SOHW-1673S vs. Sony DRU-800A (aka SOHW-1693S)

I’m looking for a DVD drive that excels at backing up CD/DVD games. Write speed is not important to me, I’m looking for the best quality writer that can surpass the latest copy protections. And from research it’s obvious Liteons are good at that.

I have a pretty good idea of the features on the 1673S, but I have trouble finding anything on the copy protection surpassing abilities of the sony dru-800a, which is a rebadged Liteon 1693s. The liteon 1673s has a 2 sheep rating, is the 1693s any better?

I can get the Sony for $90CDN and the Liteon 1673s for $70CDN. Considering what I’m going to use this drive for which one would be the better choice in terms of bang for buck and surpassing copy protection?


1673s and Sony DRU800a(1693s) generaly are the same drives … 1693s have better read preference (when u are using 16x read speed in Omnipatcher)
In my country prices of 1673/93s are same … buy a 1693s (not DRU800a because its clone of, and i heard on Sony FW u cant copy all protected DVD’s)