LiteOn sohw-1673s or Plextor PX-755a for movie backups?

Hello Peoples,

I need some opinions. I bought a LiteOn SOHW-1673s a while ago because LiteOns seem to have an easy time with copy protection. Then I came into a great deal on a plextor PX-755a so I grabbed it. Recently I have been doing nothing but movie backups, and I would like to know which one would be better to read/write with quality-wise for the job.

Used to just use the Plextor for it, but the LiteOn seems to be able to read some errors on the disc and keep on trucking whereas the Plextor stops and won’t continue reading.

Any advice or links to any information would be appreciated, I looked around but its hard to find anything better than people who have experience.

Thanks much

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

If it were me in that situation, I’d use the Litey for reading (as you rightly say, they’re good readers, especially older ones) and the Plextor for burning.

However, it sounds like you’re only planning to keep one (or I could just have misunderstood your post!). :slight_smile:

No I plan on keeping both, I was just wondering what the general consensus was as far as which one to read/write with, I’m pretty ignorant when it comes to knowing whats best about burners :slight_smile:

burn with the Plextor and use the Liteon for reading as Arachne suggested. :wink: