LiteOn SOHW-1673S drive has slow build-up for speeds

I recently purchased a SOHW-1673S 16X model DVD/CD DL burner from I’ve been having some problems with building up burning speeds.

When I burn CDs, it takes a while to build up the speed to 48X (often times the actual speed is so fast, usually around 30X, that the disc finishes burning before it hits 40X).

And when I burn 8X media DVDs, it usually takes a total of three minutes before reaching 8X. The last CD I burned, actually, topped off at 6.1X and went no higher.

I’ve run the KProbe app that I read about here, and the burst rate was 26 MB/s. It said that slower than 20 MB/s pointed to a DMA problem, but I don’t know what the normal rate is. DMA is enabled on the drive, I’m positive of that.

Also, this was something odd. I was copying data from a DVD RW disc onto my Western Digital HD. As it was transferring, there was a small, low-tone beeping noise coming from my case. I’m not certain if it was the DVD drive or the HD, so I’m mentioning it here.

None of the files were corrupt, and it finished the copy without incident, aside from the beep.

I’m not really concerned about the build-up to burning speeds, although that topping out at 6.1X is a little annoying. I just don’t want this to point to problems with the drive later.

My system is Dell Dimension 3000, running Win XP Home.

don’t worry, i don’t think that there’s a problem. if you burn full discs the drive should reach the selected speed. if there’s less data on the disc, it’s normal that the drive doesn’t reach highest speed.

The disc I just burned was a 4.09 GB disc, a DVD movie from the Digital Archive Project. Discs the same size before this one would continue to build up speed until reaching 8X. With the exception of the last disc, they all eventually reach 8x, it’s just the build up that’s the problem.

I’ll burn a couple of more soon, and see how they do speed-wise.

how long does it take to burn a full 4,5 gb disc @4x/8x?

well I don’t remember the speeds of th 8x…but the 6 took 10 minutes. I know that it takes about 40 seconds to buffer and 3 minutes to get up to 8x, but I don’t remember the total speed for when it does get to 8x…if that’s what you’re asking. Next time I burn, though, I’ll keep track of it.

I don’t think you have to worry about the time it takes to reach full speed. When the disc starts spinning, it is moving slower near the center of the disc than it is at the edge. As the laser moves out from the center, the rate at which it writes to the disc increases. So, It might start out at 5x, then work its way towards 8x. That could take a few minutes.

That said, I have also had a few burns where my 8x TY DVD+R media has maxed out at 6x burn speed. This has usually happened using DVD Decrypter. When I burn with Nero Express, it usually goes up to 8x (or at least 7.8x). I was under the impression that the F/W was responsible for the burning speed, and the SW had nothing to do with it. Is that wrong?

Ah ha…well I have been using DVD Decrypter. I suppose I should try the Nero that came packed with my drive on the next burn and see what speed it gets me.

rex_dart: Just so you know, with Nero, you will have to make some adjustments in the registry before it will show you the actual speed at which it is recording. Otherwise, it will just show “8x” all the time (or whatever speed you select), which isn’t all that helpful… Head on over to the Nero forum, and I’m pretty sure that thread is a sticky. If not, just search for it, and you will learn exactly what you need to do.

I just burned with Nero and it took about 8 minutes to burn. The entire time it said it was burning at 8x, but I don’t know if I actually set it right to tell me the actual write speed. Is 8 minutes about the norm for a full 8x disc?

Do you have an 80 wire ide cable hooked between the drive and motherboard?

@ rex_dart
Yes 8 minutes is about right for an 8x-CAV write strat…my 851@832 does it in about 10 minutes with the Z-CLV strat! Here is the link to the ‘actual read speed’ hack for nero that Vratar spoke of.

Yeah I followed that link to the letter. It’s just that Nero showed 8x the whole time. I’m sure it’s possible that it actually was 8x the entire time, but with the Decrypter problems I was skeptical.

and to jake8131: As far as the cable, I’m not sure. I just used the basic IDE cable that came with my burner. Is that different than what you were talking about?