Liteon SOHW-1653S - reading Audio CD - _very slow_

That’s the problem. Then i want to make an image of audio cd (pressed not cdr) by Alcohol,CloneCD - the drive reads it at 1X(!). EAC also reads very slow (1x-2x). is there any solution to this patching firmware or something?

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Are the disc old or dirty?

Are you doing on-the-fly encoding during ripping?

On my P4 2.8G, EAC can rip at around 4x, on my old P3 450Mhz, it rips around 1x only

That is wierd, I can rip Audio Discs at 24-32x depending on the disc and how fragmented my main HD is. Making a full image I can do at 32-36x depending on disc quality. Check if your ASPI layer is installed, that could be the problem.

Lite-On drives cache audio. This gives EAC’s secure mode a hard time, making it awfully slow. There is no workaround for this. I requested Codeguys to take a look at this and they said it was not that easy.

What I do is set EAC to rip on Burst mode. Then I extract using “Test and Copy”. This rips the same track twice then compares checksums. If the result says “OK”, then your copy is as secure as they can be.

I get 30x speeds average this way. I can rip a 60 minute CD on 5 minutes (added time for the checksum-verifying process).

yeah i get between 30-40x when ripping a cd :slight_smile:

Disc is not dirty, what about old - it is 1995 year album (Kreator “Cause For Conflict”), it can be readed without any speed problems on TEAC drive.
No, i didnt encoded it on the fly.
But the good thing in this story is - i tested several other CDDA discs - Alcohol reads them at 24-40X.

If you use the burst mode, it should be able to rip >24x, but the quality may vary.

However, EAC is famous of EXACT AUDIO COPY(Even though it may not rip EXACTLY in real life). If you want to make a secure backup, you may need to pay some time and use the secure mode. (I am a paranoid :), I use APE format most )

EAC also supports for burst mode, you may try.

Enjoy your music!