Liteon SOHW-1653S CD-RW and DVD-RW problem

What on earth is wrong with my Liteon drive. Whenever I burn a CD-RW or DVD-RW/DVD+RW it is turned into CD-R on or DVD-R/DVD+R? I think this problem appeared some time after fooling around with Adaptec ASPI-drivers and using the Eeprom-utility (or Omnipatcher or whatever it was) from the codeguys homepage. And yes, I’m a newbie.

The reason I updated my liteon drive was that I wanted to have higher read speeds and the ledfix as well. Well, I achieved the higher speed and also the ledfix. But what went wrong? I tried to follow all the instructions carefully.

I’m sorry I can’t tell exactly what did I do when upgrading the drive, because It was couple of months ago. I just realized this little problem recently.

Can someone tell me what to do (step by step) to fix this problem. I already removed the Adaptec ASPI with forceAspi and put back the orginal stock Firmware CSOT, but it didn’t help. Does this have something to do with the bitsetting? I’m willing to try again this Omnipatcher (I think it was this that I used) if only somebody gives me good instructions.

Thank’s in advance


Not sure if I understand the problem, but if you select to “finalize” a disc when burning, you can not add more data to it afterwards. You’ll have to erase and start again. So it could be a setting in your burning software that has changed (like Multisession in Nero). Or do you mean you can’t erase your RW discs?

I actually never use the “Finalize” option with CD-RWs or DVD-RWs in Nero but the problem really exists (but good that you asked that to make sure that I’m not making any easy mistakes). It really seems that even a DVD+RW burnt by my friend seems to be uneraseable.

When I burn for example a DVD+RW Nero says that the empty media is DVD+RW. I always leave the finalize option unticked. After burning the DVD it works normally and plays OK in DVD player. When I try to bun something over it or erase it before burning other files to it Nero, Alcohol, CloneDVD etc. etc. say that I’ve inserted a DVD-Rom and it cannot be erased.

Once I was able to erase a RW-disc with some trial version of DVD-infoPro or something, because the it was possible to bypass somehow the identification of the media.

Any ideas how to solve this problem. I really wouldn’t like to buy a new burner yet. Somebody must have encountered similar problem… I hope.


I suggest uninstalling all the DVD writing software besides Nero, and try again. Some of your programs might be “masking” the correct identification of the rewritable media.

Programs like CloneDVD, Alcohol, Daemon Tools, etc have been known to do stuff like this when put together in certain situations.

Thanks wallace0134 and Cressida!:bow:

I uninstalled all the other burning/ripping/imagedrive -software except Nero, and after that my DVD+RW disc that was earlier recognised as DVD-Rom was now good old DVD+RW again. It was now possible to empty the disc :smiley: