Liteon SOHW 1633SX Drive

Hi, I’m new to this game.
The drive has not had much use, it read and burnt OK.
Suddenly started running slow and erratically.
Any ideas please and also how do I get it out of its enclosure?
I’ve found the screws under the front feet as well as those on the back but there seems to be something else.

I think you’ll find some latches (two either side) hidden in the groove between the top and bottom half of the plastic enclosure. Just push a small flat screwdriver in there (in the position of the latches, you must find those first!) and the top half should come off. You could then open the drive itself and carefully clean the lens with isopropyl alcohol and test the drive connected to an IDE cable in your PC.

Thanks for info. I haven’t opened the drive yet but when connected directly into the PC it tried to run several times and then virtually gave up!

Further to last post I’ve now followed all the suggestions and the result is much about the same. Guess I’m looking for a new drive, but thanks anyway.

Good luck with your new drive!