Liteon SOHW-1633S

hey guys I just purchased a Liteon 16 X DVD+R, DVD=RW Writer today

model # SOHW-1633s

I 'am wondering what is the best way to upgrade the firmware and which firmware upgrade is best for this drive, I really dont wnat to mess it up.

if anyone got any very good suggestions on which was is best and where I ca download it too I would greatly appreciate it.

thanks then ODD then firmware be sure to get the one for 1633s

so what are the advantages of upgrading the formware for this specific writer, would you happen to know , whereas keep the firmware in tact as it was when purchased?

For this drive, read the Liteon forum here, then decide!

BS0S is the latest “official” firmware, and it was improving - if you’re worried about keeping in warranty, stick to that.

Semi-official (released & withdrawn) BS41 adds 1653S-type capabilities, without crossflash tweaking … still waiting for BS42 to replace it!

Crossflash patching enable the generally much improved 1653S firmwares to be used.

Liteon’s release schedules seem to be stagnant for the 1633S, dead for the 1213S (lowest member of this drive family), and the more interesting 1653S firmware seems to appear only on a foreign site.

For this drive family, new firmare is addressing the miserable performance they started with, giving acceptable burns on a much wider choice of midrange media. When previosly, it strongly favoured very few brands of the highest quality +R.

I think you should have come to CDFREAKS before buying this drive. You would probably have bought an other one.
I have one!! and I turned it to 1653 by crossflashing it. Before crossflashing it I was using it for CDs only. This drive (with any 1633 firmware) is a real crap when it comes to burning DVDs at a speed greater than 6X.
Be aware of the following points: If you crossflash you loose your warranty!
If you don’t crossflash you get poor quality burns above 6X !!
Now it is up to you.

Hello, well I purchased the drive yesterday, reasoning I didnt come to cdfreaks first before buying it, to be honest i signed up not too long ago on cdfreaks and just overlooked the site, forgot about it. Anyways I installed this drive in my computer last night very easily without any problems. I then installed Slysoft ANYDVD latest version which is v5.0.0.0. I then installed the burning and ripping software clone dvd2751. With this drive I got a few dvdr+ and dvd - discs (brand name Liteon) speed of the disc is 1-8X 120min 4.7gb DVD-R so I took the dvd passenger 57 I have here and ripped it and burned it using clone dvd2751. the process took very little time, after I had the dvd copied and put it in my dvd player, it worked excellent, Hence I never seen any quality loss as stated from other owners of this drive claims. So this morning I decided to do a little research on the firmware which I found SOHW-1633S
(Double Layer) from this link

I then proceeeded to upgrade my firmware with this file, I dont this without any probklems. But there is one thing I’d like to knwo know which is in device manager under the listed device I right click and select properties and I noticed in the tab dvd region it says " Caution you can change the region a limited number of times which gives me 5 times I can change it, right now I have 4 remaining the current region that is selected right now is Region 1. My question is how can I disable this, what software app can do this, for this drive? Now my next question, Regarding firmware which I upgraded see above for file I used what exactly is this firmware supposed to do. I went into nero and loaded system info tool and it says firmware version BSOS, would this be right? 1 more question not totally having to do with the writer but hard drive how do I turn on dma on a hard drive becuase I have 2 hard drives in my computer one is master which is 40gb the other is slave which is 10gb, the master drive is got dma turned on but my slave drive it says its not. I knwo you have to go into device manager to do this but I did that I dont see a option there to do it there.

thanks greatly appreciate the help

download KPROBE (the latest one). This software can make your drive region free as you want. It’s an official Liteon software.
This is one great thing about liteon: you don’t need to use hacked frimware to make it region free.

would you be so kind to post a link to that KPROBE please?


Read this link for all the tools you might need for your drive.
Note that nothing tells you Kprobe can remove the region restriction. But it does !!!
Please move to the liteon forum if you need more information. I am sure you will be helped a lot better :wink:

I’ve been looking for the liteon forum, do you happen to knwo where I may find it


look here

There are two other region tools - your excercise (because I can’t be bothered looking it up), is to find which one of them will leave a nasty mess on current drives, and which one is OK.

Remember though, if you DE-REGION the drive (RPC1), you must use software methods … DVD Genie (free) or DVD Regionkiller (discontinued freeware , archived all over the place), to prevent software region control taking over. - Ok, this is the OK one - and as an alternative to RPC1 and software hacks, you can apply user reset and vendor reset as required - just make certain that the vendor reset works after the first USER.

Start/Control Panel/System/Hardware/Device Manager, then click the plus beside the IDE category and expand that category. Pick the disk drive channel that has the drive that you want to change. I usually right-click and choose properties but double-clicking will work. Choose Advanced Settings and click the Transfer Mode drop-down arrow and choose DMA if Available. :iagree:

ok thanks alot

Great information here! What a joke the Lite-On site is. So far I’ve learned about 10x the info I got from their tech board. The one queston I have is what firmware will benefit a real old mobo - P II, if any - or is it just important to upgrade to the unscrambled firmware just to use more variations of DVD’s?

I have had the 1633s with official firmware for a few months, I get acceptable burns with all riteck media, but find that anything over 8x is mostly a waste of my time and money. Basically the 1633s is solid, does very good burns (all of this with the latest official firmware), but performed abysmally with the original firmware. I am seriously considering crossflashing since I would like better performance with anything over 8x. Having said that I have been very happy with the drive otherwise.