LiteOn SOHW-1633s While Burning, the LED Blinks Green instead of Solid Red




I just got the LiteOn SOHW-1633s and when I burn a CD or DVD with it, the LED in the front blinks Green indicating that the burner is busy instead of solid Red.

Both my LiteOn CDRW and my previous LiteOn DVD burner (LiteOn 832s) while burning a CD or DVD, their LED would be Red instead of green.

Also, in the SOHW-1633s manual it states that LED blinking green indicates that the DVD burner is busy. LED solid Red indicates burning media.

So my question is directed at the other SOHW-1633s owners.

Does your SHOW-1633s’s LED blink green while burning CDs/DVDs or is it solid Red while burning media?

It seems to burn CDs and DVD-R media just fine at max speeds, but that does not mean that nothing is wrong with it.



It’s normal for the 1633S to blink green, when burning.


Hmm, I think when it blink green, it might be waiting for data to fill the buffer. When you say it burns fine at max speed, are you checking the time? 8x should be around 9-10min, 12x at around 7-8min for full DVD.


the red blinky days are over. i have a 411s, it flashes red. i have a 1633s, it flashes green… no more blinky red on the 1633 drives.


Ya, it worried me the first time I used mine as well. Welcome to the world of Sony. :slight_smile:


Does the led actually support red and orange? Would maybe some sort of fw hack fix this? Or are led’s green only? Anyone know?


it’s a bi-colour-led (can flash in three colors). i would like to have a red-led-flash firmware, too.



To answer minchin’s question, by it burns fine at max speed, I mean it burns a DVD-R at 8x speed in approximately 9 - 10 minutes.

To answer kwkard’s question, yes it does actually support red and orange. I know this because when I first observed the blinking green LED during the burn process, the first thing I did was to upgrade the firmware to the latest (BSOS). While it was finalizing the firmware upgrade, I saw the LED blink red once.

While I was waiting for you guys to give me some feedback, I did a little more searching around in the forum and I learned about the Dead Drive Blink. From what I’ve read apparently when it is blinking green like mine, and it means that it is missing its factory Learnt media calibration data. It seems that I can correct this with the Reset Learnt media calibration data option in EEPROM Utility V2 or the Fix the “dead drive blink” / Enable cross-flashing option in OmniPatcher for LiteOn DVD drives.

I chose option #3 which is to exchange it for a new one since I just got it 2 days ago. If the new one does the same thing then I’m going to give the EEPROM Utility and/or the OmniPatcher a try.

I’ll keep you guys posted.


Well silly me, I’ve flashed the fw how many times and seen it flash all the colors. Whoops, just forgot.


You are getting confused with the crossflash blinking led, which is caused by an invalid checksum in the EEPROM. When this situation occurs the led flashes green even when the drive does not have a disc inserted.

Your blinking light while burning is quite normal. All 3S series drives now do this. It matches the method that Sony has used for some time. The only time the led will change to a different color than green, is during a flash. :wink:


So then that must mean the programming that controls the led behavior must be stored in the eeprom, right? Anyway we could override this? Or is it a firmware mod? I don’ think it could be controlled by firmware if while your flashing it’s being controlled. Maybe it is half and half. :confused:


It’s a firmware mod. I believe the led is controlled by a chipset register. The register must be available through the IDE interface or it’s a function of the hardware that’s activated, when the drive is being flashed.


Well if it’s a function of the hardware that gets activated we’ed be screwed. Why did they remove the ability to flash different colors? My guess is to fill OEM orders for sony :sad: :a


:iagree:. I still think the burning color is set by firmware and I’m exploring this at the moment. I’m hoping it’s a single function that can be exchanged with the 2S function.


Well then we patiently await your findings. :bow:


ISTR that in the “2S” series, Liteon firmware uses green and red, while the Sony blinks green… I know my Liteon CD-RW also shows orange as it enters an underrun condition, followed by a blast of green as it restarts, going to red when the write begins.

Of course, just to be awkward, the Memorex model has a blue led, most likely single.

It’s also been said that they are aiming to save the price difference between a single colour and a red/green LED at some point, though other than the Memorex, I believe they all (even the Sony) show orange for flash operations.


all liteon drives (+rebadges) have a bi-color led. only the 1613/33/53s firmwares don’t support the flashing of red/orange.


i have the 1633s just got it. i am a little confused about all the replys on this topic… my drive blinks green when burning…is there something wrong?



Look at post #2 and #4.


It’s normal, though not liked by users who are used to the proper LITEON way, for the “3S” series drives to blink green while writing.

The proper Liteon way was:
Green = Read
Red = Write
Orange = Underrun recovery (actually, some seemed to show an orange flicker while on RED, with no underrun - suggesting that orange actually meant “buffer not full”)

This was a Liteon standard from the slowest, up to the 8x DVD writers, until Sony messed things up with their preference for anonymous green for all operations.

With the old Liteon way, you KNEW the drive was writing - the RED meant that it was actually in progress, not hanging around waiting to start.

Why, Sony/Liteon, WHY?