Liteon sohw 1633s problems

hi, i have had a liteon sohw 1633s dvd burner for 4 months, when i first bought it it burnt almost any brand of disc. until one day i downloaded the app called starf*ck to do with star force. anyway i was never really sure if i undid the changes this software made to my pc, and my dvd burner stopped burning certain discs and became extra fussy about what it would burn onto. so i reformatted my drive, did a clean install of xp and still my drive will not burn some discs that previously it has no problem burning. as a last ditch attempt i decided to upgrade my burners firmware from the liteon website. unfortunately the burner still doesnt burn many brands of disc, so i have a 100 blank discs that i cant use, unless i cant rectify the problem. can anybody help me out as to what i could do to rectify it, besides buying a new burner?

i seem to be having the same problem, would like to know also… or is it just a paper weight now.