LiteOn SOHW-1633S / Hardware & FW Advice

Just had a LiteOn SOHW-1633S fall into my lap yesterday and wanted to get some opinions. Think I am going to need to flash the drive, previous owner never flashed it once.

My first question is hardware related. Currently own a NEC 1300A, which continues to work great and it is hooked up on my SIL 0680 Controller on the Master/Secondary Channel. Thought I would replace my plane LiteOn DVD-ROM which is Slaved to the NEC with this 1633S. Bad idea?

As for flashing, a bit confused. First I need to get LtnFW then pick a firmware. Is the CS0P firmware from the way to go? LtnFW have any problems flashing to a drive connected to the SIL 0680 Controller?

Any advice would be appreciated. The only known problem with the drive is that it no longer reading DVD9/DVD Flipper Discs. Doubt flashing the drive will fix but who knows.

i would connect it as master, but it’s up to you.
flash with either CS0P or BYX5. i recommend BYX5 as it’s the best firmware for my and many other drives.
you don’t need ltnfw. just run the patched .exe flasher.
get a crossflash-patched byx5 here:

unpack, start the flasher executable and flash it.

Thanks for the help and link!

As for Master Vs. Slave, going to hope (prey) that the 1633S does not have any problems slaved. If I do have problems with the drive this will be the first place to look.

But that Sony.710A.BYX5.patched-cf-mcled.rar is OK for a Liteon 1633S, even though my drive is not a Sony?

Thanks again…

the 1213/1613/1633/1653s have the same hardware, so firmwares can be interchanged.
the sony dru-710a is just a rebadge of the 1633s and BYX5 is an official firmware for it.
it’s just like a 1653s firmware (1633s: dvd-r@8x, 1653s: -r@12x)
BYX5 also has the best overall writing quality over CS0P/CSTR.

Got it, thanks chok0!!