LiteOn SOHW 1633S DVD Burner

Need feedback on purchasing a LiteOn SOHW 1633S DVD Burner. I am thinking about purchasing this burner and would like to hear from someone with experience with it. Amazon has it advertised for $73.99.

it’s a very good burner. and with the right tools, it can get much better :slight_smile:
you can browse the forums to see some scans, maybe it will help you to decide…

for me, it’s the best,
so don’t wait, just take one!

@ Clay
Welcome :). It’s available here for $65 delivered.

Thanks, I don’t mind saving money.

I installed my 1633S yesterday and didnt have much luck tweaking it…I have 2 different types of media…Ritekg05 and OPTODISCR009…I tried running the latest flash through omnipatcher however once i loaded it I couldnt get any burns successful…All would fail with a i/o error not able to burn sectors 23-63…Anyways i got the stock firmware on there now (BS0R) and it seems to be burning 1 coaster for every 5 discs…

Needless to say I had hoped for better…

I’ve had good results with stock BS0R firmware using cheap Newegg branded +r’s.


Small bad spot, to me at least but I think it was due to using my machine while burning.

Thanks for the replies but some are Greek to me. I guess there will be more to it than loading the software which comes with it and start burning DVDs.

1633 i find is a great burner with the right tools :slight_smile:
but i have found alot of ppl are having problems and its not the burners fault…
e.g. all in 1 cheap mother boards. they do not have the proper dma channel.
maybe bios flash would fix.
to get the performance out of any should have good equipment.

I have two in my main PC. They can both burn at 16X concurrently without slowing down as long as I pull the info off separate drives. They both burn a full disc in around 6 minutes, sometimes it’s a few seconds faster and sometimes a few seconds longer. And they will verify a full disc in around 7 to 8 minutes.

Lite-On SOHW-1633S is now the cheapest 16x DVD writer in South Korea, cheaper than BenQ DW1610, NEC ND-3500A, LG GSA-4160B. But SOHW-1653S still costs more than GSA-4160B and TS-H552B. (Getting a 1653S when one already have 1613S is too redundant.)


Litey’s perform better with dvd+r media and I don’t recommend optodisc. They really like Ricohjpn’s. Stay with good quality media.

and what is the right tools for the 1633S :-))))) :slight_smile:

I too am looking to purchase this burner. Does anyone know what version of Nero comes with it? Thanks!

maybe… OmniPatcher!

Ive got the burner but the DVDs i burn is not favarable. Or maybe its me.
Can some one tell me whats going on. The PI level seems high.


This burners performance is “Luck of the Draw”. Liteon’s QC is shabby at best. Some work fine, many do not… Before making your purchase decision you may want to invest some time in the NEC and BenQ forums.

chok0, DarkDrgn2K,

Since you guys have it, can you tell me which version of Nero came with it?



Thanks chok0!

I’ve used three 1633S drives. They all performed very well with DVD+R discs. I sold the third one since it was a gift and I didn’t really need three 16X burners and I already have two other LiteOn8X burners.