LITEON SOHW-1633S Dual Burner Failure

I’m not sure what I did but when I put a cd or dvd in my burner the drive icon changes to a generic and won’t recognize the blank media? I put a burn’t cd in and it auto plays fine?

With nothing in the drive is say’s “DVD-RW Drive F” in windows explorer. As soon as I put in a blank media it changes to “CD Drive F” and if I click on it I get the error “F is not acessable” I tried 3 different kinds of CD’s and a DVD and they all do the same thing. I flashed the firmware … and nothings changed?

Help Please

thats ok, as its blank there is nothing on it to read

dont worrie ur drive is acting fine

Thanks for the responce,

I cannot burn a CD with nero anymore? Not sure whats going on? :confused:

Thanks Again

hrrm try doing the Reset Learnt Media with EEProm utility. Maybe it will fix it

u cant burn cd’s anymore? but u can burn dvd’s?

try windows intergrated cd burner and see if that works

u might want to tell us the problems ur having because u didnt say u couldnt burn cd’s in the first post

but when u put in blank media it should say blank cd or blank dvd


Maybe your having the same problem I am:

Are these 1633’s designed to fail, or what?! :Z