LiteON SOHW-1633S Dead?

Hello All,
I apologize first-hand if this is not the right forum,
I have a Lite-On SOHW-1633S purchased last Black Friday,I had it cross-flashed to a 1653S and it was working fine till a few days back,all DVD-burns failed. It reads DVDs and CDs fine,it even burnt one CD fine,unfortunately all DVD burns fail,I use Nero Express and Nero Burning ROM. I flashed it back to 1633S,even then with the stock BSOS firmware,the DVD-burns fail. I use it in an external enclosure,connected to my Laptop. I haven’t tried using it as an internal drive,since I don’t have a desktop. And I haven’t tried burning more CDR’s since I am all out of CDRs,I have only DVD-R’s left.
Could someone help me out ?

Try restoring your drive’s original EEPROM. Or if that is not an option that you can pursue, perform a reset of learned media calibrations (back up your EEPROM before doing so). See the EEPROM Utility thread.