LiteOn SOHW 1633S and DVD-RW

Hello! I have a big problem. Today I wanted to erase my DVD-RW, but I won’t let me in Nero. It said that my drive is not rewriteable. Even if I flash it to SOHW 1653S it wont work. I have 2 TDK DVD-RW. What could be the problem? Please help.

Nero has some flaws with that.

Use the free Imgburn and (full) erase/format the discs.

Will try it, and post.

OK, I’ve manage to erse my DVD-RW’s, but now when I whant to burn a movie on one of my DVD+RW, nero says that in the drive is DVD-ROM. How can that be?

Wrong booktype. Full erase.

You mean DVD+RW erase?


I think I’m doing it wrong. It’s allways a DVD-ROM. Can you tell me how to do booktype right?