Liteon SOHR5238S



I just got a Liteon SOHR523S 52x32x52 recorder. The thing sounds like airplane when burning and reading cds, is this normal. Its really loud. Is there any way to turn off the buffer underrun protection, nero wont let me for the Liteon drive, but for my Pioneer I can just uncheck the buffer under protection option.


May I ask why you want to turn off
buffer underrun protection…?


I want the burner to work without stopping for buffer, I got raid0, if my burner can burn at 8x with buffer underrun off. I am sure the cdr can too. I also heard that using buffer under will cause lower quality burns. Is it also normal for this drive to make so much noise.


buffer under will not cause lower quality burns,
because if buffer under happened while burning,
the disc will dead.

“buffer underrun protection & or Smartburn…” enable
will stop the laser, waiting the buffer back to normal,
then re-Join the stoped position & start burn again.
So, you still have a readable Disc.


Ok. I am also trying to figure out, why is the drive making so much noise when burning cds and reading cds. I have tried burning ritek 700mb cds.