Liteon SOHR 5239V, ok for CD-R-scans?

I think it´s time to scan some of my older CD-R-media (6 years) and I´m looking for a good scanner. From waht I know I need a CD-RW-drive from Liteon to test it, DVD-writers are not recommended.

The only widely avaible CD-RW here in Germany are the 5239V and 5239S, are these drives ok?

I would chose lots of other drives for this purpose before choosing this drive, because the drive is far too forgiving in the way it reports errors. It’s a very good drive for reading, however.

Suggested CD-R scanners:

BenQ DW1655 (and 1650/1640/1630) with Advanced Disc Quality Scan in CDSpeed 4.7+
Plextor Premium or Premium2 with PlexTools or PxScan
Plextor PX-760/755/716/712 with PlexTools or PxScan

OK but limited:
NEC ND-4551A/4550/3551/3550 (scan at 32x)
Optiarc AD-7173A/7170/5170 or Sony AW-G170 (scan at 32x)
Any LiteOn CD-RW drive that isn’t too forgiving

I use a combo Lite-On SOHC-5235k… I have no idea how “forgiving” it is, though. Anybody know? It seems like a decent drive, though I have no idea what to replace it with once it dies… there don’t seem to be a lot of combo drives for sale anymore, and my preference is usually Lite-On.

Thank u, Dragemaster. I have already a Benq DW 1655 and try it for scan CD-R


AFAIK a Liteon Combo-drive isn´t a good scanner for CD-R or DVD R