Liteon SOHR-5238S Problems



I am having the issues with a burner of mine in Alcohol 120% and i write cd’s at 24X mostly so halfway through writing 300 mb supposedly of 600 mb cd it slows down to 16.1X and remains consistently at that speed till the end.The problem is visible on other writing softwares as well like Easy media creator 7 and Nero 6.6 just cant gauge the reason for it.I updated the firmware to the latest version a few weeks ago and after a few days of updating the issue has started to occur and is really pissing me off.Any help will be greatly appreciated and the media i am using is of Benq which before has never ever troubled me.



@ Siro
Unless you are noticing buffer underruns during the burn, the quote from below may pertain to you. If you ARE noticing buffer underruns during the burn, you may need to defrag your HDD or check your DMA or try not multi-tasking.

Quoted from nero

15. I have a 40x recorder, but I am only able to write at a maximum speed of 32x, sometimes even only 16x write speed. The 40x write speed is not even an option, and yet I know my recorder supports it. What can I do?
If you do not place any media in the recorder until Nero asks you to, are you then able to select the maximum write speed, but once you insert the CD-R media, the write speed drops down? If yes, this is caused by the recorder, determining that the media does not support this write speed, and so forces a lower write speed.
Nero Inc. works with the recorder drive manufacturers very closely. They requested this feature to be able to insure good quality writes. If other programs still allow the full write speed, it’s because they override the recorders wishes. This can cause poor or defective writes.
To resolve this issue, you need to have an firmware upgrade of your recorder to support this media at high-speeds, or obtain another brand of CD-R media that the recorder does support at high speeds.(end quote)


I have been using two different kinds of CDR’s from various brands and still the same issue is occuring now its writing @16x and not more than that anymore.Surprisingly i have had no buffer underruns and i defrag my hdisk regularly so i dont see any other issue.DMA is enabled and everything seems to be fine.Still cant figure out the problem…


@ Siro
You could also try your burner in another system to see if it exhibits the same problem.

Has anything else changed in your system configuration? Try posting a nero info tool output. Check all 8 boxes in the ‘save’ window. Attach using the ‘manage attachments’ button in the ‘go advanced’ reply window. Maybe someone will see something that may be conflicting…just a thought.