Liteon sohd-16p9sv dvdrom

Hi, my dvdrom should be reading 16x but the most i get is 9x is this normal,

I did a search for the read specs and they will usually have read speeds for each individual type of disc but this was all I could find. Most DVD Writers or ROMS will only read a pressed/Factory DVD at 8 or 12x and some will read burned DVDs up to 16x and this may be the case with your DVD-ROM. Not positive though. Pretty sketchy specifications.

Type DVD-ROM - 5.25" x 1/2H
Read Speed 48x (CD) / 16x (DVD)
Supported Media Types CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-ROM, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD+R, DVD+R DL
Media Load Type Tray
Access Time 120 ms
Buffer Size 256 KB
Features Emergency disc eject hole, SMART-X, Auto Balance System (ABS)

Thank you for your help, i read over some threads and i see some people use some software to unlock your drive.first how do you know its locked to a speed

Hi raider 12, I am going to move this thread to the Lite On Foum and perhaps someone can help you better there. I really can’t say because I didn’t find the proper DVD read specs for this drive. Maybe someone there can help.:slight_smile:

C0deKing has a Firmware for this model: Link

It has user selectable read speeds. You will need his OmniPatcher also.


I also own this DVDrom. It very good one (reads everything). You should get the firmware with patcher and set the speed. I would not recomend setting read speed for dvd+/-r/rw to max (16x). For many media you will probably see a problem at 14x (the speed starts jumping between 8-12). The wise choice should be 12x…

I noticed Nero InfoTool reports CD+G as supported in version F$01. With the new F$02 version, CD+G is missing in Nero InfoTool. Did anyone else noticed this too?

So is F$02 a “Match More Media” or a “Match Less Media” firmware?