LiteOn SOHD-16p9sv doesnt reccon burned dvd's



While the old dvd player wouldnt come out anymore i bought a new one, the SOHD-16p9sv. The player will not read burned data, music, games etc (Nero).
The message i get is (translated :o ): “Windows can’t read from this disk. It’s probably damaged or the disk is in a format which is not compatible with Wondows”.

Though it reccons original DVD’s :confused: .
I flashed it from 01 to 02, with no results. CD’s aren’t problem.

OS: XP Prof


What media are you trying to read? Are them burned discs? What mediacode? What burner did you use? And at what speed did you burn these discs?


One dvd (Philips) was full with maps with mp3’s, the other was a backup game, An original game (MOH) works well, its just the burned ones that gives problems.
I burn them (as always) with my external LG-burner GSA 5120 D (Usb) on 8 speed on my Asus M6 Laptop. The funny thing is (did i say funny :confused: ?), the burned media will play on my laptop (Asus M6N), but on our Pc (AMD Athlon) we have the troubles since i build the Lite On in :rolleyes: . I’m not a newbie with building, the only thing i had to do was to put the jumper on master an connect power, ide and sound to it.
This helps anyway? My Thx in forward :flower:


You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Usually playback problems are due to a low quality media. Some drives are able more than other to read also scratched media, but your problem seems anyway to me due to a low quality media.

What mediacode have your burned discs? You can retrieve mediacode with cd-dvd speed (see pics as example)

Can you try to do a burn with a verbatim (NOT a pearl white series)?


sorry, media type? You mean Iso 9660/Juliet (mode1), booktype dvd-rom


See the pic: I’m asking for the info in the red square, aka mediacode or MID


here are the results of the dutch jury :stuck_out_tongue:


LOL :bigsmile:

Here there is the sentence: :eek:

Ritek are low quality media.

I suggest to do your burnings on better quality media like verbatim or taiyo yuden.


Does dit help you?


As I said, try to use better media. Almost certainly your problem is due to ritek


Well, thx anyway :sad: , here another nero-shot, from a Philips who doesn’t work either on the Lite On, so i think (besides the 1st disk was crap :cop: ) we haven’t solved this thread :eek:


I don’t know Ricohjpn r01 media; never burned one and I didn’t read on these media here in the forum.

Do your LG drive have latest firmware?


It’s sold as Philips :cop: :frowning:

I’ll check my LG, By the way, my cd/dvd reader(Toshiba DVD-ROM SD-R512 1720)in my laptop hasn’t the problem :doh: