LiteOn SOHD-167T Firmware: 9S1B




Can my 166 (JLMS) be flashed (or crossflashed) with a 167T firmware?


no, the drives are different.


Could the codeguys please patch it as with previous firmware for speed?
Thanks in advance


did i miss something ? where have you found this firmware?


Try here


Any news on the patched firmware codeguys?
Are you planning to release one?
Thanks for your efforts.


I would be more interested in news on the SOHD-16P9S speed hacked firmware. 167Ts seem to be a thing of the past and the new Liteon has nothing as of yet. At least the 167T has some firmware available.


Thanks to thibouille and Unsavior, I now know that the 16P9S has a different flashing algorithm that is not compatible with our flasher tool. Even the firmware tool (LtnFW) won’t work with it and I’m not sure about MTKFlash. It required Xflash v2.2.2 and I haven’t figured out yet, how to turn off the unscrambling in this version.

Which leads me to answer all of the other posts here; sorry I just don’t have the time at the moment with all of the other things I’ve promised. It’s on my list of things to do, but it may be a while before I get to it.


Thanks much. I hope you didn’t take my post as anything other than a suggestion. Your work is too essential to do anything other than lavish praise.
Interesting about the major changes in the new drive. I can’t wait to see what it does.


Thanks chas0039, I had no problem with your post. Thanks for all you help on the forums. :slight_smile:

Maybe we could ask thibouille and Unsavior to tell us what they think of it. There’s a thread about it here:


Thank you for your time and efforts Codeking.


Anyone knows where or when the 9s1b firmware hawked for speed and DL DVD will be availlable ? :stuck_out_tongue: Since omnipatcher don’t work with 9S1B Firmware.

I have two drives two upgrade, that I will use only for ripping.

Anyone have give a try to this firware ? Any comment ?

Best Regards


I used the firmware tool LtnFW ( )to dump a stock firmware bin from the drive( SOHD-16P9S ). Havent tried using it to write back to the drive though.


Update: firmware tool LtnFW wouldnt write back the bin to the 16P9S. It just locked up the prog. Drive is OK though.


something like this ? :stuck_out_tongue:


Update: firmware tool LtnFW wouldnt write back the bin to the 16P9S. It just locked up the prog. Drive is OK though.

I also have the same “problem” of sorts with 1673/1693S/800A. LTNFlash hangs at 100% when writing firmware to drive and WILL NOT finish. I have found though, that if you keep the drivebay open (if you don’t feel comfortable doing this, then DON’T) and flash with LTNFlash with above drives, it WILL UPDATE :iagree: . LTNFlash still remains at 100% and doesn’t finish off with “Done” as per normal, but I can confirm it does work. Naturally, if writing back same firmware LTNFlash looks as though is just stuck at 100% but watch the drive light also. It will go through usual flashing routine. If you use a different firmware new drive or firmware will be reflected when drivebay closes after flash. Once again, if you don’t feel comfortable in doing so, DON’T. I don’t have the new SOHD-16P9S, so I can’t test for this drive myself.


Will this firmware be speed patched?


Not soon from what CodeKing said in his previous message…

But having tried the firmware stock ( except added RPC1) it seem to work very well. :wink:

Do you have see improvement with 1679s1b ?


I use the current speed hacked firmware.

I want them to do one for the latest release.

I won’t use the offical one, its too slow for my ripping needs.


Did a little bit of thread merging… anyway, a patched 9S1B has been posted…