Liteon sohc-5232k problems


I just recently purchased a Lite-On Combo SOHC-5232K. It reads CDs and DVDs great, but I can’t get the CD-RW the write properly.

I have Nero 6 on Windows XP. I use RiData 52x CD-Rs

I tried to burn a few music CDs, but it seems to stop @ 2% and the CD-RW just spins it constantly until I close Nero down.

What’s the problem?

Thanks for the help!

I’ve read some of the FAQs and didn’t really get much out of it.
I’ve disabled AutoRun and enabled DMA.

Hello fellow Canadian :slight_smile:

Did you try first burning an image (an nrg file produced by “image recorder”)? Maybe your music source is damaged. Also try a higher writing speed on your Ridata discs if it is phthalocyanine type (phthalocyanine = silver or gold recording surface). The reason is high speed phthalocyanine discs have thinner dye layer that cannot bear low speed burning. [It is recommended to use non-phthalocyanine discs to burn audio CDs for this reason and other compatibility issues.]