LiteOn SOHC-4832K

I just got on older computer that has a LiteOn Combo Drive SOHC 4832K
It was in Compaq Tower that had its mobo replaces with a non-OEM mobo.
Anyhow, I updated the drive to the mostr current firmware on Compaq’s website which is : OPK8

The drive appears to run fine, BUT: it gives lots of errors on CD-DVD speed Disc quality on DVD+RW (Verbatim burned on a Pioneer 115L). Or it will show damaged areas on CD-RW (TDKs burned on Pioneer 115L). However these same discs show and scan fine on my LiteOn LH 20A1P KL0N DVD-RAM.

I already ordered a NEC 7200A-0B to be the primary drive on this tower. I was wondering if the LiteOn SOHC 4832K was worth keeping. I like to be confident in my drives. Nothing worse than finding out that a drive is unreliable. I am also concerned because this computer was extremely dirty and came from a heavily smoked in house (the tower was GROSS)!

Would it be safer to toss the drive.

quick side note; is it common for drives to become obsolite? I understand my NEC 1100A (flashed to 1300) since it was single layer DVD RW and early technology.
My Nec 3550A just doesn’t like any RW media (fw 1.07) anymore.

and i have an older DVD ROM LG DVD-ROM GDR8162B that I have never seen firmware updates for, it was an ok reader but…

just wondering… seems like they are really disposable

Ok I need someone to help me understand if this burner is worth keeping.
I used the SAME CD-RW (TDK) and burned a test with the LiteOn SOHC 4832. Then I scanned the disc using the original LiteOn and my new liteOn. Then I reburned the disc with a Pioneer, and rescanned. Can someone please interpret these for me.

BTW: I already recieved the NEW NEC for the computer that has the LiteOn 4832. I am trying to see if ithe LiteOn 4832 is worth keeping as a 2nd drive. I also have an old HL-DT-ST DVD-ROM GDR8162B that I could use as a 2nd drive.

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well I don’t know if this is possible but I Believe I may have repaired my SOHC-4832K.

The SOHC-4832K arrived in a compaq tower (non OEM mobo/ it was replaced) but the drive was OEM. Firmware was OPK3

I flashed the drive to FW OPK8 (official Compaq Release)

If you look above the burning that it did on a TDK CDRW was pretty bad.

So I figured the drive was on its way out. I had read that some had cross flashed it to a 5232. So I crossflashed the 4832 to a 5232. And just like I read (after I crossflashed :frowning: ) The drive now couldn’t read ANY disc I put in it.

So I Flashed the drive back to a stock OPK8. no restart prompt/ still couldn’ t read any discs/ couldn’t flash with the compaq FW. Then restarted the computer. Then I was allowed to flash with the compaq FW. The I flashed back to the OEM compaq OPK8. Restarted the computer and now look. BTW: the CDRW scans are of the SAME disc as above… :iagree: I somehow it appears that the drive is much-o better NOW

look at scans see what u think
hope this helps someone else.

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