LiteOn SLW-831S Problem

I have the above Slimeype drive in an ACER laptop which has stopped working.
DVDs will play, but blamk ones show as full and I cannot record them anymore !
It has WRS01 firmware, but I can`t find this anywhere to re-install.
Can anyone help me fix the problem ?

Welcome to cdfreaks :slight_smile:
Reflashing the firmware will not solve this problem. Can you still burn cds ? What did you change after the last successful burn ? Did you install any software ? Do you still use the same media as before ?

I am using the same media (DVD +/- RW) as when it worked.
Whatever media (CD/DVD) I put in the drive it reads it as full (blank or partially used) !
The only thing I can remember running is the Liteon RPC tool.
Other than this I cannot think of any other software installs.
Any thoughts you have would be greatly appreciated.