Liteon Slimtype SOSW-852s - can't read CD's



Sorrt, I put a thread in the general hardware section but I guess it should be here. Here is the “big” problem :
My slimtype SOSW-852 stopped suddenly reading CDs. The weird thing is that it still reads DVDs. It is not the first time it happens and both times it was after a CD burning with very very cheap CDs with Discjuggler (why did I make the stupid mistake twice, I should have thrown away those shitty CDs).
The first time the maker changed the whole laptop since it was only a week after I bought it, but I can’t do that anymore. I bought the laptop in Japan but I am not living there anymore. So I have to find a solution by myself. If some one has an idea please help me. Even if it is hopeless.
When I put a CD now, it makes weird noises as if it couldn’t turn quicky enough, then it stops and tries again and again…


I already tried whatever possible but nothing seems to work, but my knowledges are very very limited. Please help me.
Perhaps an eeprom backup could help ? I don’t really understand what the Eeprom is anyway. If somebody could post his eeprom, thank you very much.
Is it possible that those CDs damaged the lens ? If yes I guess there is nothing to do.


Ok, ready all. I have found the solution. Tilt your laptop! Can you believe it?! Here you go:

  1. Insert DVD
  2. Raise the DVD-side of the machine to somewhere between 30 and 75 degrees
  3. Rocking between these degrees is optional, I have not determined whether the rocking helps
  4. Eject and repeat

I can usually get the drive to read a DVD in 5-15 minutes. Sucks, but at least I can play Oblivion.