LIteon slimtype sosw-833s cant upgrate firmware

I have LIteon slimtype sosw-833s and i cant upgrate firmware :frowning: when im uploading firmware from i have error on 8% Unable to flash firmware :frowning: dono why i have firmware version vrs1 and want upload new version Please if someone could help me or give ne firmware version vrs2 or vrs3 or something. Im waiting becouse i have big errors in kprobe on all dvds + or - verbatim,tdk, dysan, all of them :frowning:

believe me, it won’t get any better with the newest fw versions… i’ve tested 1, 2 and 3 - by the way, anyone knows about version 4? - and burning is really a pain in the *ss! i can’t even read few DVD and i don’t know why… worst drive in the world is probably this one!!!