LiteOn Slimtype DVDRW SDW-431S Firmware lost

Hello all!

I’ve missflashed my “LiteOn Slimtype DVDRW SDW-431S” (4x DVD RW) drive of my Acer Extensa notebook with a version of the external LiteOn burner. Now i can only burn DVDs with 1x speed and many(…) errors.
Sadly i have not saved the old firmware before. So can someone please extract the firmware and mail it to me (m.nikolaus_delthis@delthis ? To backup the binary you can use “LtnFW” from

Many thanks

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You will find it here, at the best firmware site: dhc014’s Firmware Collection.

Tanks for your answer.

I’ve searcher the internet with google for the firmware of my sdw-431s drive, but there are no firmware downloads available. The downloads @ are only for the external version of the drive and not compatible with my oem drive (internal).


The internal and external drives are the same. I can send you a binary SDW-431S firmware if you ask me by email.

Problem solved, see here: