LiteOn Slimtype DVDRW SDW-431S - Bitsetting Possible?

Well I’ve searched around these forums a few different times over the last couple of weeks and haven’t found anything on this so here goes:

Is it possible to do bitsetting on the SDW-431S? Booktype doesn’t work…
What would it take to make this possible?

Is this drive really originally manufactured by LiteOn? If so, and they have a “DVD+R bias”, (and no ability to bitset) then what is the use of this drive in my laptop other than for data backup and as a drive to do my Kprobe scans while my other computer is busy?

Yes, it’s manufactured by LiteOn. If you really want bitsetting support, you will have to bug them about it, though I doubt that they will be in a hurry to add it, because it’ll be work for them and not many people use these slim drives. Because of the differences between this drive and the “regular” drives and because we don’t have this drive to play with, I am very doubtful that we would ever add bitsetting support.

Thanks for the quick reply, though it is a bummer. :sad:

Maybe I will experiment with burning some DVD-R’s. And it is still quite convenient for my Kprobe scans.