Liteon Slimtype COMBO LSC-24081M (internal firmware

Hello, I’ve gone to liteon’s website, but they only have the external firmware for this and that doesn’t match. Maybe it’s been discontinued but surely I must be able to get it from somewhere because I can’t get this to read DVD-Rs though I can get it to read proper DVDs as well as CD-Rs so I assumed I needed to update firmware.

Looks like I must’ve misflashed my drive and therefore I need the file in .bin.

Have a look here.

You should be able to use firmware from external drive.

Reflash the drive with newest firmware. No need for file in .bin.

Try the unreadable dvd-r in an other drive. Could be one bad disc.

Well the thing is my computer’s not seeing the drive even though it gets past boot-up without reporting anything about a drive being missing on secondary master so I know that the connections are right. I had this problem with another drive and to get past the problem I found a .bin file and just reflashed it with MTKFlash. I can’t seem to find any .bin files for this drive from looking briefly. It seems that if I were to try it on another computer the problem would go away but I can’t because other isn’t laptop.

I found this here.

I added a direct link. All credit to dhc014.

Thanks just flashed it in DOS then reflashed it again in Windows with the newest firmware and it’s now resurrected. It still won’t read DVD-Rs though despite trying several and I don’t know why that is. Perhaps it’s just defective but at least it’s going now compared to what it was before. I’d like to thank you for helping me and goodbye