LiteOn SHW-16H5S or NEC ND-4551?

Whichone should i choose?
Does anybody had tried these 2 drives?

Thanks in advance!!!

Almost - I have a Liteon SHW-1635S and a NEC ND-4551A; the LiteOn 1635S drive should be more or less the same as the 16H5S except that it doesn’t have LightScribe support.

None of these drives are the best for all purposes (and neither is any other drive), so please list what features are important to you and I’ll try to give you my own perspective.

Thanks for replying :slight_smile:
I read the both reviews and saw that liteon has better write quality than Nec.
Is this true?
I need it most for recording dvds from my camcorder (i have 600 VHS tapes to copy) so quality is my primary target.(on DVD-R +R best quality media like TDK,Verbatim,RIdisc etc)


I can only comment based on the experience with my own drives and media.

My NEC 4551 beats the pants off the LiteOn 1635 in write quality on Verbatim 16x DVD+R media and also on the CD-R media I have tried, at least according to the measurements I consider important. On other media the situation is less clear. I haven’t tried any TDK media yet (I have some ScratchProof media but no reason to burn any of it right now) but I don’t own or plan to buy any Ritek DVD media.

My LiteOn 1635 is good but not great with Verbatim 16x DVD-R media at 16x burning (PIE and PIF are good but jitter is rather high). I have only burned this media at 12x on my NEC 4551 so far, but it is a little better than the LiteOn at 16x but not by much, so this could be due to the lower burning speed.

If writing DVD+/-R media with good quality is the only thing that’s important to you, you should consider the NEC 3550 instead of the NEC 4551 since the 3550 is the same drive without LabelFlash and DVD-RAM support and thus it costs less.

Don’t take my words on quality as gospell - I only have one of each drive, so please also look at the reviews and other users experiences. :wink:

Got both 1635s and Pioneer 110D. Happy with both, but after several burns with Verbatim +R discs, using the Pioneer more for burning as the quality is marginally better.

Some reports of very poor results burning RW on the Litey that you need to be aware of.

I ordered the 16H5S yesterday.
I checked out again the writing quality on dvd-r media (8x-16) and the liteon is much better than nec.It is also pretty fast on reading dvds-r+r etc.
I also checked out Pioneer but is very slow with reading the discs.
Anyway i think that is a good buy and if not there is also e-bay :wink:

Thank you guyZ for replying me!!!