Liteon SHW-16H5S Label Problem

Hi all,
Just bought a liteon SHW-16H5S specifically for the lightscribe function. On burning my first label onto some HP DVD media, I found the label to be too faint for my liking. I’ve read all you have to do to darken the label was to burn it again. I did this and found it produces a very noticeable banding effect over the whole label. I thought it might be the media so tried a Verbatim DVD but got the same effect on the second burn.
I use Surething to do the labelling.
Anyone know why I get this effect and how do I rectify it so that I can darken my labels.



Same burner, same problem… who can help us?? :rolleyes:

Search. Verb has said time and time again that this is a byproduct of the top layer of clear plastic on all DVDs. That’s why CDs work better with LS. There is no fix for this as of now.


Thanks for that. Looks like I got suckered by all the Ads. CD’s, which is obviously what they use in the Ads, come out looking good. DVD’s which is what I normally work with look garbage. Very faint and Blurred. :a