LiteON SHW-16H5S in one external case?


I intend to put my old LiteON SHW-16H5S drive in my external case from Vantec NST-525U2. (Its place must be taken by a new Pionner DVR-215BK :slight_smile: )
I just want to know if someone had some experience with this drive in an external case.
I know only that my drive uses 1.5A on both 5V and 12V power line used, and my external case is 1.5A @5V and 1.8A @12V.
So … it should be no power problem.
Are Lite-ON drives ok to use in external case, generally? What about my 16H5S drive ?
I’m asking all of these because I wouldn’t like to damage my drive in someway.
Thanks for your info :slight_smile:

Hi :slight_smile:
I have the same Lite-On which I have used externally without any problems whatsoever.
I can’t see you having any either.
You’ll be pleased with the Pioneer too. :bigsmile:

Hmmm … my Pioneer DVR-112D in that external case? I saw that my Pio 112D’s label has something about 1.8A @5V and 1.1A@12V, but on the producer site there are some other values like 1.4A @5V and <1A@12V.
I would be pleased to put my Pioneer DVR-112D in that external case and keep my 16H5S inside my PC case :slight_smile: I like more 112D quality than 16H5S one’s. Both of them I like but 112D is very very good, and I can’t wait to wave that quality for external use on USB 2.0. Sounds coool :cool:
Anyway, with my Pio 112D on that external case I would burn maybe only to 8x or 12x maximum cause on better quality on lower speeds, and in that case I think the power consumption is far from be exceeding external case limits :slight_smile:
Thanks for your info. I’ll make some tests in coming future and I’ll tell you how happy I am :slight_smile: